Zippy 10k

I did a 10k over lunch today (actually 6.23 miles). I've done this course three times before and today was the first time I broke 50 minutes on it (barely). Just two weeks ago, I did it 90 seconds slower. It's a very hilly course and it was a great workout.

A mile into it, some type of shin-related muscle was hurting so I stopped and stretched it. I've noticed on bike rides that when I stop at a stop sign, the time clock stops, so I figured what the hell and did it here... so technically I didn't do the whole work-out under fifty minutes, but I'd call it close enough for government work.

I picked up a copy of Chi Running yesterday and though I'm just starting it, I worked hard to relax my limbs throughout the run. So far, so good. The effort felt somewhat easier than other tempo runs, which is always a good thing.


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