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And that's about that...

It's strange to realize it's been a monthish since my last blog post... Between blogging for the day job and working online, it doesn't seem like it's been so long, but then again - digital stuff don't lie. It's been a good month, though - the widget on the right tells you that the running has been going well. I did a 5k in 22:37 a few weeks ago, which means that it took me five months to eradicate 15 years of inactivity and get back to the same place I was when I raced 5k as a high school freshman. In that 5k, the results said I came in 17th out of 62 in my age group, which sounds good - until you realize that run/walk results were combined and I'm guessing about half of the 62 walked it... so, I was likely mid-packish, but it was still a barrel of fun. We had a team from work, and my niece raced with us, too, so a good time was had by all. Christmas shopping is done, but I think my wife and kids read this blog from time to time so that's about all I ha