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Surprising 60

The plan wasn't to run 60 miles last week. The schedule had me planning for 53 or so, just a notch up from the previous week's 50. But Saturday's scheduled long day got snowed out, which pushed the long day to Sunday. And rather than take a rest day on Saturday, I hopped on the dreadmill for about 6.5, because I knew that I wouldn't be able to get out today (Monday). The result? Exactly 60 miles, and the first I'd ran that far in a week since last September and only my 6th in the previous year. Everything feels good right now, I think mostly because I'm doing the right things. I'm following up hard days, with very easy days - trying to slow those down to 9:00 miles. It makes a huge difference. I neglected to do that last Wednesday, zipping through a bunch of 8:20 miles and the result was that I got through Thursday's tempo, but it was an effort. Hard - easy, Hard - easy - it makes a difference. Not just in days, but in weeks, which is why last week&

Sh*t Diabetics Say

I love the funny video series making its way around the Net. It started with Shit Girls Say, and has spawned many funny sequels. But none for diabetics, until now! If you like the camera work, that's my 15 year old daughter at the helm. My son was home sick from school and my daughter felt she needed a "mental health day," too. I said, "Sure... I can use your help with something, anyway!"

2012, and Go!

Hard to believe it's been a month since my last post, but as usual, that's generally a good sign. When things are going good, that's usually when the blogging takes a back seat. Diabetes-wise, all is status quo. In fact, I just got back an A1c of 5.9, which I'm pretty sure is my lowest ever, if not, certainly in years. Ironically, though my CGM is certainly partly responsible for that great number, I've been sensor-less for about 3 weeks now as I miscalculated my reorder and then had to wait for new insurance info. to get sorted out. But even so, things have been excellent blood-sugar wise and the good news is that a big shipment of supplies is on its way to me, so very soon I'll be CGMing again. Running-wise, things are also going well. After an injured November leading to a lackluster December marathon, December ending up being nearly a 200 mile month, injury-free. In addition, I started adding in tempo work and this past week awesome coach Missy had me a