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On Running, And Other Stuff...

Somewhat shocking to realize I haven't blogged in over a month. But not really, either. The business of life has been full enough to not leave many cracks for commentating about it. Work has been busy, though calling it work might be a stretch. When you're doing stuff like this or this , it's fairly obvious I'm not digging ditches for a living. But still, it takes time. I bought a new car, not because I needed a new car, but because my daughter needed an old car, and I had one in my clutches. At nearly 17 1/2, we've reached the point where desired convenience outweighed cost, however tragic those insurance prices are.... And they are. And that, too, the buying -- took time. And I've been running. Pretty much all the running I was doing during my ultra phase, ASIDE from the long run, which is a very big difference. My weekend 5 hour runs have been temporarily been replaced by short races - 2 5ks (fastest 19:06), my first 10k in years (42 and change and a