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5k PR, et. al.

I realized I should probably say Merry Christmas in this post because my blog is definitely at the bottom of the priority list. Chances are, this will be the last I post for a few weeks. But even so, no blogging doesn't mean things aren't going well... For the past six weeks or so, I've been running under the guidance of Missy Foy , the first "coach" I've had in more than fifteen years. The goal? Get me over the Boston hump. Because the marathon isn't until May, we're in a looong slow build-up. Even so, she has me doing a lot of new stuff, including: * drills * core work * odd hill workouts * tempos on long runs In short, a lot of different stuff and I'm a big believer in different. Yesterday, I did the local Jingle Bell 5k - my last race of the year. Despite the 35 degree weather and freezing rain, I knocked off a 19:38 PR, along the way beating a handful of guys that - quite frankly - I never beat. Considering we're just beginning training, I