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ART Therapy for Shinsplints

As I write this, I've just "graduated" from ART Therapy on my left shin after five sessions. Incidentally, when I posted on my Facebook that I was getting ART Therapy, most of my friends assumed I was getting a tattoo, which led to a wide variety of comments on my Facebook wall. Everything from people telling me not to scar myself forever to others asking me to post pictures. It was an interesting little exchange, both from my "friends" who were shocked I'd consider a tattoo to those trying to pawn off their designs on me. But no.... this was ART Therapy - Active Release Therapy. In a nutshell, ART is deep massaging of the muscles that run up and down your shin. The concept is that you can break down adhesions that have formed between your muscle and bone. Although I tend to hate doctors, I decided to do ART for two reasons: 1. I've moved to the point in my training where I'm doing speed work once a week. Historically, once I do speed work, my shins