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Happy Diabetes Month

Given the Hallmark sponsored world we live in, you might be aware that November is American Diabetes Month, so if you were going to buy me something, you're fresh out of shopping days. All of this culminates on World Diabetes Day on November 14 . As you might expect, there are a couple things you could do, if you're so inclined, to celebrate the festivities. I've listed a couple of these things below, with my own opinions as to how I feel about them, given my lifestyle as a Type 1 diabetic and my vocation as a marketing professional: 1) The Big Blue Test . The concept here is simple. Do a BG test, exercise for 20 minutes, and do another one. Upload your results. I'm a big fan of this one because it's primarily going to be done by diabetics (more on that in the next paragraph) and it's a concrete way to show the benefits of exercise. It's not foolproof - someone who doesn't understand how anaerobic exercise works might lift weights for 20 minute