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5K PR?

So I might have set a 5k PR last Monday. I have a rule with myself that the closer a race is to my house, the more I feel I need to do it. Currently, there's a 4 miler four miles from my house and a 5k three miles from my house - both of which I always hit. On Memorial Day, the Run for Literacy 5k debuted, just two miles from my driveway. How do you say no? Like most first year races, it was small, with only 102 finishers. I had a goal of 19:30, but felt it would take a great run to get there. When I hit the mile mark at 5:52, I knew it was either a great mile or a stupid start. The course was flat and fast and I went through the 2 mile mark at 12:20. Since the beginning I hadn't done much passing. I'd settled in at 10th place, well behind the lead pack, but well ahead of the main pack, which is pretty much where I always am. Around the 2.2 mile mark, though, I saw one of the high school kids in the main pack falling back and I made a move on him. I surged twice but he push

I forgot my anniversary....

No, not that one. That 16th anniversary is coming up and we're celebrating it by spending our first night without the kids. Yes, you heard that right: first night without the kids, ever. That's worthy of a blog post in and of, itself, but nevermind... Sometime last month (I truly don't know the date), I passed my 25th anniversary w/ diabetes. Twenty five years. The "silver" anniversary, if you will. Random thoughts: * 25 years without a complication, which is really all that matters. One spot on one eye, that went away by itself. That's it. * Five kinds of insulin, along the way: Pork Regular, NPH (was it beef?), Synthetic R, Synthetic N (after the others were discontinued --- I was on the piggie stuff 'til the end) and Humalog * I originally had one of the first Accu-Chek monitors (which I believe cost around $400 and took about three minutes to do a test), moved to a Diascan (sp?), which took 70 seconds. Then I think I went to my first OneTouch, which

Back in the Groove....

As we head into week 2 of the Marathon Plan, things seem firmly back on track. Rather than a 3+rest+2 as planned last week, I did five days in a row, with no problems. This week, my schedule will probably require a 4+rest+1, which will be easier and the long run only goes to 11 miles. My pace is also fairly close to pre-injury speeds, too. More than anything, I'm comforted with a really light travel schedule over the next few months. I'm speaking on one panel in NYC, which will be a day trip, and aside from that, my only travels are for fun, not for business. Moreover, the kids will be out of school soon, too, so I start work earlier in the day and get every other Friday off for summer hours. All in all, I'm heading into a season with ample opportunity to get fit and fast. RE: Dexcom, hmmmmm, my first impression of the company isn't super ideal. When the rep took my info last week, he told me the next thing that would happen would be his assistant would contact me for m

I Feel My Blood Sugar Rising

Using sex to sell diabetes meds? Frankly, I prefer that over Wilford Brimley.

Dusting Off the Blogshelf

When last before we were so rudely interrupted.... 1) My injury was followed by a week's worth of meetings and culminated in an overseas trip to France & the UK. Because this isn't a travel blog, I'll cut to the chase: my spring marathon season is officially over. Now mostly mended (aside from a nasty bug I picked up during an otherwise wonderful trip), I've just started Day 1, Week 1 of Hal Higdon Intermediate II, culminating in the Allentown Marathon in mid-September. Nothing says you're early in the marathon plan like a three mile run, which is what the plan had me do over lunch. 2) While in the UK, I was fortunate enough to do the London Tower Jog --- 10-12 (who's counting?) laps around the moat of the Tower of London. This being the UK (or being a jog?), they didn't count my laps, or my time or the people I beat. But I did get a t-shirt and a finisher's medal, so who am I to complain? 3) Thank you muchly for all of the CGM advice. I have decide