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End of an Era

How long does it take to kill a profitable company with fifty million dollars in revenue? In the case of United Sleep Products, the answer was just more than one year. Last April 28, I posted about the company’s new marketing strategy under new ownership – a strategy that went against everything the company had ever done, everything its dealers had ever asked it to do and everything it knew how to do well. In short, it was kind of like someone buying a successful used car lot and announcing that you’re going to leverage the location to sell Ferrari’s. Guess what? It didn’t work, and United failed miserably. They announced dramatic restructuring in January and even brought back John Katerenchuk, a very talented man I’d worked with at United. But I know John well enough to know that he knew he was walking into a dire situation. Even then, I suspect the plan was to keep operations alive until a sale could be made. A few weeks ago the plants closed , and shortly after t

End Radio Silence.... Begin Radio Silence..

So two weeks ago I said I was going to England.. And I did. And I came home to having to cram a ton of work into this week so that I can be on vacation next week. I tell you: it's hard work, this not working. But to review: 1) England was cool. It was neat to see things I'd only read about or seen on TV. 2) I did a fair amount of running in England... 3 days... a bit less than 20 miles. Frequently, I'd run to an attraction. Snap a picture, and keep running. Those pics are still on my camera phone, too. Alas, I don't have the time to upload them at present. 3) I hoped to run with the Serpentine Running Club in England, but I couldn't make the timing work. My only regret. 4) I can't believe they don't pour refills at the restaurants over there. I spent the whole week chronically dehydrated. Upon my return, I piled the miles on fairly well, running four days in a row this week. I took off yesterday and might take off today, but tomorrow have a long run planned

Further East Than the Jersey Shore...

So Sunday I fly to London. That's a strange thing for me to write, as I've never before been out of the US, save for a cup of coffee across the border at Niagara Falls... but duty calls and the past week has been spent negotiating the obstacle course that the US government puts up to ensure that you can get a last-minute passport, but only if you really really try for it. But after a trip to Philadelphia today, I have one, which means that they'll let me on the plane Sunday... or let me back later next week. Whichever. I don't even know what I need the darn thing for, to tell you the truth, but I've got one. Sue me, but I've never had any dreams of going to London and I don't have a list of things I want to see and do in between business meetings. That isn't to say I won't enjoy the experience -- newness is always cool -- just that I've never yearned to go over there. One thing I'm looking forward to? Taking a couple of runs in a city I'v

Who's April's Fool?

Going into April, I said the goal for the month was to do a good job with both my races and come out of it healthy. Mission mostly accomplished. The triathlon was an awesome experience, even if I wasn’t an awesome swimmer or bicyclist. My overall time was what I’d hoped for and it was a cool deal all the way around. As important, I also handled the diabetes very well for the event. My 5k showed continued improvement of my VDOT, too, and while I hate a lot about racing 5k’s – kind of like amateur hour, in some ways – it’s a great way to see where you are fitness-wise and I had a blast. And, though I pulled a little something in the arch of my foot, I’m running slower this week and think it’ll heal up. So, like I said, mission mostly accomplished. May will be a month of training and no racing. I’ve got other things going 3 of the 4 weekends and the one free weekend will be at the end of a tough week of work. Add to that the fact that I think I should go easy on the har