Further East Than the Jersey Shore...

So Sunday I fly to London.

That's a strange thing for me to write, as I've never before been out of the US, save for a cup of coffee across the border at Niagara Falls... but duty calls and the past week has been spent negotiating the obstacle course that the US government puts up to ensure that you can get a last-minute passport, but only if you really really try for it.

But after a trip to Philadelphia today, I have one, which means that they'll let me on the plane Sunday... or let me back later next week. Whichever. I don't even know what I need the darn thing for, to tell you the truth, but I've got one.

Sue me, but I've never had any dreams of going to London and I don't have a list of things I want to see and do in between business meetings. That isn't to say I won't enjoy the experience -- newness is always cool -- just that I've never yearned to go over there.

One thing I'm looking forward to? Taking a couple of runs in a city I've never been before. That's always a neat treat. But heck -- I could've accomplished that in Akron, Ohio. I've never been there before, either.

But I could be wrong. I might come back and say, "Wow, London's awesome!" Or I might come back and say, "Typical week of training. 25 miles."

Either way, I got my passport.


  1. Hey! Aren't you the guy that loves new adventure?
    It's a great time to be in London, but do remember to take your rain gear.

  2. London may surprise you! It's by far my favorite city to visit overseas -- it's diverse and stunning. Rooted in history but at the same time very sophisticated and exciting. I just love it there! My Dad and sister are heading out for London on May 15th, too, so I'm triply jealous!

    Safe travels!


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