End Radio Silence.... Begin Radio Silence..

So two weeks ago I said I was going to England.. And I did. And I came home to having to cram a ton of work into this week so that I can be on vacation next week. I tell you: it's hard work, this not working.

But to review:
1) England was cool. It was neat to see things I'd only read about or seen on TV.
2) I did a fair amount of running in England... 3 days... a bit less than 20 miles. Frequently, I'd run to an attraction. Snap a picture, and keep running. Those pics are still on my camera phone, too. Alas, I don't have the time to upload them at present.
3) I hoped to run with the Serpentine Running Club in England, but I couldn't make the timing work. My only regret.
4) I can't believe they don't pour refills at the restaurants over there. I spent the whole week chronically dehydrated.

Upon my return, I piled the miles on fairly well, running four days in a row this week. I took off yesterday and might take off today, but tomorrow have a long run planned. All this in anticipation of a vacation week, during which I want to have zero pressure on myself to run. Ideally, I'll get 2-3 runs in, but either way, I've trained well enough this month to be ready for the Red Rose Run in 2 weeks. Sub 34:00 (five miles) is the goal and I think I have a good chance. I feel tired but strong, which is how one should feel after a heavy mileage month heading into a mini-taper.

And finally, I'm excited that - on the final day of their rebate promotion - I picked up a Garmin 305. I've noticed that my recovery isn't what I'd like it to be, which means my workouts have to be as optimal as possible. From what I've read, the 305 will help with this.

And one more thing - whoever Floyd Landis hired to handle his PR has their work cut out for them. I'm convinced Floyd didn't take any illegal drugs, but he already had an uphill battle in the war for public opinion. This latest misstep won't help.

As mentioned, I'm on vacation next week and plan to keep my hands on long-necks, not keyboards. And hopefully, the Garmin and I will spend a bit of time together.


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