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Top 6 Reasons You Should Donate Money For This Year's Tour de Cure

Over the next 3 weeks, I'm doing 2 Tour de Cure rides - one of the annual fund raisers for the American Diabetes Association. I'm doing these as a rider with Team Type 1. In no particular order, here are 10 reasons you should give money on my behalf : 1) My butt is going to hurt for this. Seriously. I'm a runner folks. I've barely been on my bike in a year and in 3 weeks, I'm going to ride 62 miles. Can you say ouch?? 2) The ADA is a cool group. Seriously, they do a lot of neat things for diabetics. True, they recently did NOT hire my company to make a digital edition of their magazine, but why hold a grudge, right? 3) Halle Berry is diabetic, even if she doesn't think so. And I'm posting a link to a pics of her looking berrylicious . 4) If I raise enough money, I get a cycling jersey. This is good, because my current cycling attire consists of t-shirts and running clothing. Other bicyclists look at me and snicker. 5) Because I posted this link to my favori

Pak Bara Review

I love my insulin pump. I really do, and though I make it a point to discuss potential benefits of multiple daily injections w/ other diabetics, to me, the pump always wins out. That said, the pump does mean you've got something the approximate size of a cell phone attached to you at all times, which means that thing has to go somewhere. But where? That's where Pak Bara comes in. Pak Bara make a small zip up case, but unlike so many camera cases and cell phone cases that have been adapted for insulin pumps, this one was engineered specifically for insulin pumps (though it would work just as well w/ a cell phone, small camera, etc.). I recently had the opportunity to try one out and this is what I thought: 1) Out of the box, the wrapping was very nice. The case was wrapped in tissue paper and secured by a sticker w/ the Pak Bara logo. Immediately, you don't feel as if the case was made in China at a factory making 1000 similar products. 2) The thing that really grabbed me,

How This Type 1 Diabetic Qualified for the Boston Marathon

Official results haven't been posted, yet, but yesterday I finished the Bob Potts Marathon in 3:17:30 - 2.5 minutes faster than I needed to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Though Boston's new registration process means I might not get to actually run, I can't control that; all I can control is my time, so I am thrilled beyond belief to chase down a goal I've had since I started running again five years ago. In addition, this was my fastest marathon, ever.. another great surprise. How did it happen? A lot of things came together: 1) Ultra-success. In March I did my first 50 miler. That race had me so scared that I trained like a fiend, with 5 runs of four hours of more. Those weeks and months of high mileage gave me a higher base than I'd ever experienced before. In addition, running a 50 mile race is the simplest way I've learned to not fear the marathon distance. I used to hit the 10 mile mark and think, "Holy cow, 16 miles left????" but that never c