Top 6 Reasons You Should Donate Money For This Year's Tour de Cure

Over the next 3 weeks, I'm doing 2 Tour de Cure rides - one of the annual fund raisers for the American Diabetes Association. I'm doing these as a rider with Team Type 1. In no particular order, here are 10 reasons you should give money on my behalf:

1) My butt is going to hurt for this. Seriously. I'm a runner folks. I've barely been on my bike in a year and in 3 weeks, I'm going to ride 62 miles. Can you say ouch??

2) The ADA is a cool group. Seriously, they do a lot of neat things for diabetics. True, they recently did NOT hire my company to make a digital edition of their magazine, but why hold a grudge, right?

3) Halle Berry is diabetic, even if she doesn't think so. And I'm posting a link to a pics of her looking berrylicious.

4) If I raise enough money, I get a cycling jersey. This is good, because my current cycling attire consists of t-shirts and running clothing. Other bicyclists look at me and snicker.

5) Because I posted this link to my favorite diabetic rap song.

6) For any of the ladies offended by the Halle Berry pics, I give you our finest male diabetic specimen: George Canyon. Giddy-up, girls, he's Canyonesque!

You can do it, folks. Give 'til it hurts .... well, maybe not that much, but give a little!


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