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Killing Time

So yesterday I knocked out a 20 mile run at 8:19 pace , the first I've gone that fast on a long run in more than a year and a half. It would be impressive, I suppose, if I were actually training for something. This was my 4th (or 5th? 3rd?) 20 miler in this build, mostly through 50 mile weeks, though the word "build" assumes one is building toward something and I've been as flip-floppy as a politician for quite some time now. A month ago I talked about throwing some 5 hour runs together for the NJ Ultra Fest, but a lack of ultra motivation and an over-abundance of snow have prevented that. Right now, I'm kind of thinking about peaking for the Bob Potts Marathon, but again, that means I probably should actually put a plan together, as I'm not fast enough to get fast without planning my plan and working the plan. Why I feel this way... I have no idea, and I don't like being so... aimless. But work's been crazy, the house remodeling (thankfully 99.99%