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Right now, today, I am waiting. I'm waiting to hear if my application for the Boston Marathon will place me in the top 20,000 or so applicants. According to Internet Chatter, it probably will. But still, until you hear it from the BAA, it doesn't count. I'm also waiting for the next 2 weeks to pass to bring me to the starting line of the Chicago Marathon. It's going to be a blast, as most of my Team Type 1 teammates will also be racing. I'm still fine tuning my goal for the race and will decide based on whether or not I get into Boston and how the weather turns out that day. With my PR of 3:17:30, I'd like to go for a sub 3:15. But IF I don't get into Boston and if it's a perfect marathon day, I might be persuaded to go after a 3:10. Right now, I'm thinking I'll split the uprights and go for 7:20 miles, which is about a 3:12. But that's just what I'm thinking while I'm waiting. Being in the taper, of course, means worrying w

The Un-Super Hike

Regular readers of this blog may know that I was supposed to do the Susquehanna Super Hike & Ultra Run last weekend. Alas, Irene had other plans and the event was cancelled due to horrible trail conditions. While that was certainly a bummer, it probably wasn't the worst thing for my training. Last week's hectic trip to Cleveland left me pretty weary by the weekend, and on the day the Super Hike was supposed to be, I actually slept until 11. The good news? I ran 8 miles on Saturday and 21 on Sunday, so I had a good weekend of training, which is critical with the Chicago Marathon just 4 weeks away. I more 22 miler this weekend, and then the taper begins. As far as my Chicago Marathon goals, they're somewhat predicated by if I get into Boston. Boston's new registration means a guy like me (who qualified by 2.5 minutes) can't register until the 19th, and I'll probably find out if my time is fast enough on the 26th. IF I get into Boston this time around,

When in Rehoboth...

I had no plans to run a race this past weekend, being just one week from the 28.4 mile Susquehanna Super Hike, and in the middle of my last big build for the Chicago Marathon. But then the family decided to spend the holiday weekend at Rehoboth Beach. And then, as fate would have it, a race that got postponed last week for Hurricane Irene got rescheduled for this week. And if that weren't enough, the starting line was literally about 150 yards from the front door to our hotel. Just like that, I was signed up for the Sundance 5k or Sashay. If you can't tell by the title and if you're unfamiliar with Rehoboth, let's cut to the chase: the charity the race supported was a homosexual support center. Why do I even mention this? Really, for one reason and one reason only: it was one of the most fun 5k's I've ever been a part of. Consider: * Bloody Marys and Beer on the finish line (at 8am). Check * Amazing food spread including quiche (quiche????) at 8am. Check *