Surprising 60

The plan wasn't to run 60 miles last week.

The schedule had me planning for 53 or so, just a notch up from the previous week's 50. But Saturday's scheduled long day got snowed out, which pushed the long day to Sunday. And rather than take a rest day on Saturday, I hopped on the dreadmill for about 6.5, because I knew that I wouldn't be able to get out today (Monday). The result? Exactly 60 miles, and the first I'd ran that far in a week since last September and only my 6th in the previous year.
My graph

Everything feels good right now, I think mostly because I'm doing the right things. I'm following up hard days, with very easy days - trying to slow those down to 9:00 miles. It makes a huge difference. I neglected to do that last Wednesday, zipping through a bunch of 8:20 miles and the result was that I got through Thursday's tempo, but it was an effort. Hard - easy, Hard - easy - it makes a difference. Not just in days, but in weeks, which is why last week's 60 mile week will be followed by one of about 40. My bg also behaved like a champ on this week's 20 miler, hanging around 120 for most of the run. I finished at 74 but knew I was falling and would've taken a gel about 2 miles sooner had I planned to be out longer.


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