And that's about that...

It's strange to realize it's been a monthish since my last blog post... Between blogging for the day job and working online, it doesn't seem like it's been so long, but then again - digital stuff don't lie.

It's been a good month, though - the widget on the right tells you that the running has been going well. I did a 5k in 22:37 a few weeks ago, which means that it took me five months to eradicate 15 years of inactivity and get back to the same place I was when I raced 5k as a high school freshman.

In that 5k, the results said I came in 17th out of 62 in my age group, which sounds good - until you realize that run/walk results were combined and I'm guessing about half of the 62 walked it... so, I was likely mid-packish, but it was still a barrel of fun. We had a team from work, and my niece raced with us, too, so a good time was had by all.

Christmas shopping is done, but I think my wife and kids read this blog from time to time so that's about all I have to say about that. Quit snooping! ;)

Back to the running: I just got a pair of orthotics. I'm jazzed about that, as my knees have been reminding me that when we were last serious about running, orthotics made it better. Let's hope they do so again. Reason to be happy to be diabetic: orthotics are covered by insurance! Woohoo! Go, diabetes!

I doubt I'll be racing in January. Very few races + active swim season for the kids = not many opportunities. Looks like the next adventure will be the Ugly Mudder in February. Seven miles of mud. Cool.

So, that's that - I'm still running. Christmas will be good. 2006 was good, and '07 will be better.


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