On VDOT Training, Being All You Can Be

So I've been looking up info. on VDOT calculators... While I like the McMillan calculator "better," VDOT charts are better for seeing where you want to go next.. or ultimately... for that matter. As you can see here, my current VDOT number is 43.

I've heard quoted - though I really need to read more to see if it's true- that you can improve your VDOT number 1 number for every 4-6 weeks of hard training (until, of course, one hits their own wall). Looking at a full VDOT chart, I think that number is probably about right.

I did a 26:14 5k on 8/27/06. VDOT: 36
I did a 1:54 1/2 Marathon on 9/27/06. VDOT: 38
I did a 39:20 5 Mile on 11/10/06: VDOT: 40
I did a 22:37 5k on 12/10/06: VDOT: 43

So, we see I actually improved "2" most four week periods, and an impressive 3 between my 11/10 performance and my 12/10 performance. But the reality is that a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (ok - 15 years ago, high school and college), I had VDOT performances of 60 (4:57 mile), and many 57's (5k's of 17:50 and many heart-breaking 11:02-11:05 two mile performances), and since I'm "only" 35 years old, they should still be considered my possible plateaus.

Considering all of this, we can safely assume that a VDOT improvement probably will level off to a more "normal" 1 per month at some point, what are some possible times we could predict?

2007 Lancaster Red Rose Run (first week of June - 5 months of training from last race = VDOT 48): 34:02 That would be cool!

2007 Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon (September - VDOT 51): 1:29:58

Wow - those are some impressive times. If I can pull that off, I'll be impressed. Tired, but impressed.

I think I need to buy a VDOT book and see if I can do it.


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