On Fear...

Every few days, I get scared of going down in the basement.

No, I'm not scared of monsters under the steps, or even the pilot light on the furnace. But every third day, I've got sixty minutes planned with Coach Troy and his Time Trial Special DVD.

I knew when I put this item on my Christmas list that it would be a challenging workout, but holy crap, is it hard! It's got one leg drills, two brutal ladders, a superspin and something else and they all put a wicked hurting on me.

Truth is, the first time I tried the workout, I had to pack it in just past the half-way point. Last night, I managed to do the whole thing. But I'm still not looking forward to going down in the basement later this week.

I'm certain indoor training on bicycles is used for torture in some countries - it's much more brutal than even elliptical trainers. The good news is that it's hard to be bored when you're in so much pain.


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