On the Virtues of Cross-Training, and the Monster in My Basement...

So on the first mile of tonight's run my shin felt kind of tight... not awful tight, mind you, but kind of tight... but with a perfectly good Cannondale in the basement and a nice 7.5 mile run just two days ago, I figured I'd relax in the basement on the bike - maybe watch an episode of the Shield.

But I forgot Coach Troy was down there... and damned if he didn't make me do the entire hour of the Time Trial DVD. And damned if he didn't get me to turn up the tension on my trainer a bit, too.

And damned if I'm not tired now.

Tomorrow I have a business dinner at a big steak house... which means if I workout, it'll be on the bike again, late tomorrow night... there was no way I was going to meet up with Coach Troy with a porterhouse in my belly. So if I workout tomorrow, it'll be a "Shield"-ride.

Wednesday, I'll test the shin out again... this getting old sux. The workouts go great until I turn up the intensity... lots of two steps forward, 1 step back moments. But all in all, it's forward progress, so I'll take it.


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