Why have them? I'm a big fan of goals, but to be honest my Jan. 1 resolutions don't tend to stick any better (or worse) than any other time. The wife puts this one pretty well - she was pleased how her '06 turned out and wants to do just "more of the same, but better" for '07. That should be enough to keep her in top-shelf wife category.

Still, it's the day for them, so I'll roll out some '07 goals here, though truth be told, they were in place before today, so I'm kind of cheating:


* 3 triathlons this year - sprint-lengths in April and May, and an Olympic length in Sept. in Lancaster.

* Run the Lancaster Red Rose Run for the first time since '88. (Back then, I did it in 33 something... in a perfect world, I'll get under 35, but that's a stretch goal.)

* If the late summer proves to be injury-free, I might ramp up and give a fall marathon a try... but I'm hardly an injury free runner, so that's a goal to be named later.


* In the past month, most of my free-lance clients and I have agreed to see other people. While this means a little less money, it's not enough that I'll even notice, and this gives me a chance to focus 110% of my professional energy on my job, which is important because I think '07 will be a big year for the company.


* Enjoy more. Of everything. The problem with being a goal setter is you're always looking at the finish line and not the road. I'm not a stop and smell the roses guy, but there's no harm in smelling them as you're passing them.


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