Month Drawing to a Close...

Just by writing that title, it's obvious I'm tired, isn't it? After all, there are six (6!) full days of potential workouts left this month but it kind of sounds like I'm phoning it in...

I didn't realize how much I worked out this month until I took a quick look at my logs this morning...

So far in January, I've run 74 miles - my second longest month so far (and the first longest had a half-marathon in it) and *if* I run 3 more days this month, it'll be my longest month ever.

Including bike, swimming and elliptical workouts, I've worked out twenty of the 26 days so far. My next greatest month was 18! So, all in all, January was a month of really turning up the activity (for a guy who just started working out last July).

Things will get a bit interesting as today marks 90 days until my first triathlon. Given that it's a sprint distance, I have zero fear about completing it -- truth is, I could do that today. However, I'm going to need more biking and swimming time to do it *well,* which is my real goal.

Pool time begins in earnest in March... two months of 2-3 swims per week is plenty for a 300m sprint swim. But as the bike is the longest length of the course, I'm really going to have to make sure it gets more attention from me in the coming weeks.

First plan is for my *hard* workouts to be on the bike in February. In January, I based everything around hard workouts on the run. So if I overdid it on a hard tempo run, I'd skip a bike ride the next day or just lightly spin. In February, I'm going to try and have my focus workouts be the hard trainer rides, augmented with easy paced runs.

At least, that's the plan today -- as always, subject to change.


  1. Hi Marcus,

    thanks for the tip about Zookoda. Should be OK for us because we're only using it for marketing internally, I'll have a look at Feedblitz though. Nice blog by the way, my public health people would love all that exercise!



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