Going Slower to Get Faster

Pushed myself on today’s tempo run - a 6.23 mile effort in 49:50 for exactly an 8:00 pace. What was interesting was that I’ve equaled my December distance, but did it fourteen minutes faster than I did that month… which translates to an average of 19 seconds faster per mile.

What’s more interesting, though, looking at the graph is that I’ve actually had fewer tempo runs in January (the burgundy), which means that most of the improvement has actually come in running my slower runs quicker.

Or - if we want to be critical - it could mean that I’m not slowing down as much as I should on the easier runs, either.

All in all, though, no complaints for the month, which has also included a fair amount of cycling… for the yuckiest month of the year, it’s a good base month.


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