And on the 8th day, he rested.....

I have a personal gripe: workout logs that include blog posts about rest days. Really, does it much matter when people aren't doing something? Isn't this the antithesis of news?

And yet - here I am, telling you that today, I'm doing nothing requiring copious exertion.

Looking at the log, I see I've worked out seven days in a row, which is my longest string to date. Truth is, I'm not feeling that bad, but I've noticed that recovery at 35 is considerably different than recovery at 22, so I think 7 days is long enough.

Yesterday was a nice 10k in 51 minutes, which sounds like it should've been an *easy* run, but the three monster hills in it made it a tempo-effort workout.

Weight loss seems to have stopped, which is fine. I never started this to lose weight and before I started would've told you that losing five pounds would've been cool. I've lost ten now but people that know me think it's much more - likely a realignment of parts and stuff.

One interesting change - exercising daily instead of every other day has forced me to turn the basal rate on the insulin pump way down. Less insulin often leads to less weight, but again - I don't really mind if it does or doesn't.

I also have my follow up appt with my podiatrist today. I've been in my orthotics for two weeks now, and they just rock. No knee pain - better alignment - very cool. If you're in Central PA, and you need orthotics, check out Doc. Henderson. She rules. But don't fill out the web form. She never checks it.


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