Not that I'm a nutritionist....

.. but I have a first-hand story about how exercise may help with fat metabolism.

Going to a steak-house is an interesting thing for a diabetic on an insulin pump. Generally speaking, you tell your insulin pump how many carbohydrates you're eating and the insulin processes the carbs.

In a steak-house, though, the typical platter (and the one I ordered last night) is very low in carbs, which would mean that you would take dramatically less insulin. However, the fat in the steak causes insulin to not work as well, which means that you still have to take insulin - a bit less than a typical hard-laden meal, but way more than your typical "low-carb" meal. (Finally, you spread the insulin out over a period of time because it takes your body longer to metabolize higher fat meals.)

Last night, though, my body processed a relatively fatty (and yummy) ribeye steak faster and with less insulin than it would've before I started working out regularly (seven months ago). Blood sugar range was normal three hours after the meal and - most interesting - didn't spike up overnight, as I've seen it do during other high-fat meals.

Interesting: I didn't start exercising to make diabetes easier to manage, but this - to me - was an example of how it's made it simpler to handle one of the more thorny aspects of the disease.


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