The Secret to Biking: Get Faster By Not Doing It.

So today was - literally - the first day I've been on my bike since April's triathlon. After that day, I decided to make this a running-only summer.

Biking and I have very much of a love-hate relationship. Historically speaking, I'm not very good at it. After a long winter of being on the wind trainer, I had a bike split on the tri. of averaging 16.3 mph -- right around the bottom fifth of my age group. Considering I was top fifth in my age group on the run, it wasn't hard to pick a focus for this year.

But my just-started marathon plan has 1 day of cross-training per week and one day of either cross-training or running, so back on the bike I went today. The workout only called for 45 minutes, but I did 12.5 miles during that period. In other words, I'm currently faster on the bike after three months of no training that I was at the tri after 3 months of decent training.

And while my overall fitness is a bit better than it was for the tri. in April, I don't think it's that much better that I can become a better biker by not biking... Truth is, I would like to be a better biker. There are a lot of "average" guys who ride in the mid 17's -- maybe if I stop working out entirely I can get there. :)

Speed aside, it was a nice experience to get back on the bike and do a workout without my legs throbbing. Definitely something to be said for cross-training.


  1. this made me smile since i'm kind of in the same boat...the bike is my weakest link & copious amounts of marathon training this summer hasn't allowed for much time on the road. i hope the same magic formula of not riding works for me!!! are you doing the catfish tri in hsbg? i was considering it...

  2. ugh... I'd so like to be fast on the bike... alternatively, I'd like to be fast in the water... in the end, I guess I'll have to settle for my sneakers.

    Actually, no I'm not doing the Catfish -- my training's been revolving around the Harrisburg Marathon, and on Aug.12th (catfish day) I'll be doing the Half-Wit Half Marathon in Reading -- 13.1 miles of trails - so if you feel like a different kind of crazy...


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