On Track... So Far

With a high today of 95ish and with the kids having a swim meet tonight, I had 1 reasonable option for today's interval workout: early morning. Ugh.

This week is a nightmare in soooo many ways: going into it, I knew I had 3 days of jury duty and 3 nights of swim meets and a dentist appointment. Coupled with either a 24 hour bug or a bad cheeseburger Sunday night - I'm really not sure how I'm going to get through it all with a 38 mile week.

But the reality is that the way you do it is 1 mile at a time, so there I was toeing the starting line on the track at 6:50.

Except, then I wasn't because a bird had his leg stuck in a grate on the track, so my warm-up got delayed while I freed the little sucker. Don't know if he'll live, but he flew away, so at the very least I spared him getting cooked on the track when the sun got high in the sky.

Anywho, good deed for the day done, it was back to the warm-up (1 mile), followed by 5 800's, with a 400 recovery after each one.

I did them in 3:11, 3:12 (x3) and 3:10 - that's 1 more than last time and all of them faster than last time. However, I last did that workout over lunch, when it was as least ten degrees hotter, soooo...

Then again, maybe it was good bird-saving kharma. Though, the bird saving forced me to cut my cool down a little short.

Regardless, that's the bear of a workout for the week. Mind you, the next four days STILL have jury duty, 3 swim meets and two runs (1 of them 11 miles), but like I said - 1 day at a time, 1 mile at a time.


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