Mission.... Accomplished!

Truth is - I was terrified of this week. With the kids having 3 swim meets (2 at night, 1 all day yesterday), 3 days of jury duty, and 40 miles in the log plan, I didn't know what was going to happen. But in the end, all of it did happen.

Jury duty was the single most boring event of my life. 3 days of torture by boredom. Nope, I never got called and our group of 100+ only saw 1 case. In between, I read, and read and read. Most days around 11:00, I went to the only room with a TV (where it was about 85 degrees) and watched the end of the Tour de France. At night, I went through my e-mails from work, dealing with the handfull that required immediate attention, and delaying the rest.

The swim meets were typical. What was atypical was having 3 in a single week. The kids did great, though, with many PR's and boy wonder pulling out and 8th and 9th (out of 45) in two races in yesterday's invitational.

And amazingly, I didn't miss a single run - Wed., we actually got off jury duty a bit early, and I did a 7.8 mi. trail run. Friday, I did a 6 miler with 2 miles @ 7:30 in the middle... And today, after getting up for the swim meet at 6 yesterday - and after the week I had - I dragged my tired butt down to the county park @ 7:30 to meet up with the Lancaster Road Runners club.

The group always plans for a 10k, but there were a handfull of us who wanted to do two loops, so we did for a total of about 12mi. It was a nice relaxing run with a bunch of cool people I hadn't had the chance to run with before (I also took my neighbor along with me.).

I'm tired now - don't even want to think of how far behind I am in my sleep -- with an entire week of work coming up (and another swim meet this Saturday AM). But in the end, this week didn't get the best of me, and for that, I'm thankful. And grateful that I can return to my regularly scheduled programming of lunch-time runs throughout the week and normal work during the week.


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