1000 points of pain....

If you were an astute reader, you may have noticed that earlier this week I said my interval workout was planned for Tuesday... However, the week is lining up different (good different) than I planned, so it was actually today.

The plan called for 5 x1000m at 5k race pace with a 2 min. recovery between each interval. This concerned me because just 2 weeks ago, I did 5 x 800m at 5k race pace with 3 min. recovery and recalled it as being painful.

That said, today's effort went pretty well. The goal was 6:30 pace (4:07-4:10), but here's the pacing I did:


If it were a 5k, my total time would've been 20:22, which is 18 seconds faster than my fastest 5k, though truth be told, it's been a while since I raced a 5k, so I think that's probably an accurate number. Both McMillan and VDOT suggest this translates to a 3:17 marathon, so I'm a little off pace, but not by much.

I also learned that the 1000 is a stupid distance. I generally ran the 800 too fast and then slowed it down the last 200. Very difficult to pace.

HR-wise, the early intervals averaged 163 and the latter ones 167... my max was also a relatively low 173. Still learning what all that means, but I'm curious to figure out what it means that I can go 12 miles at 152, 3 miles at tempo pace at 160 and hard intervals at 165... Seems like a mighty small range.


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