No Dope....

Funny.. when I posted yesterday about Bear Grylls possibly being a fraud, I'd just read about Vino being booted from the Tour. Yet I didn't write about that - instead I picked on a man who may or may not drink his own urine. Why?

Truth of the matter is, if Floyd Landis has taught us anything, it's this: testing procedures for cyclists suck and they need to be changed and how the news of failed tests is reported needs to be changed, too. As Floyd said in this great interview with ESPN, "All I want out of this is the next time Dick Pound opens his mouth and says someone is guilty, the rest of the world says, 'We'll wait and see.'"

Fair enough, Floyd: let's wait and see.

Incidentally, the fact that we even know about the failed test is further proof that the system is wrong. Floyd's quote on this:

"Just as in my case, LNDD (Laboratoire National de D├ępistage du Dopage / National Anti-doping Laboratory) has leaked the test results to l'Equipe, permanently damaging Vino's reputation and causing him to defend an allegation without any evidence." From here.

As always, all good Floyd stuff I find here.


  1. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I congratulate you for having something sensible to say about cycling's doping mess.

    Most people just assume anyone accused is guilty.

    If the current anti-doping system continues it will destroy cycling.



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