Kind of Not-Great Run, Part Two...

Today's run, like Friday's run - also had mixed results but for different reasons.

Back to Friday's "What is Tempo?" discussion, I've decided that henceforth, I'll define Tempo runs as being those that give me an HR of 157-160. I've been experimenting with HR more and 157 clearly puts my body in a different state. So for now, that's the plan.

Fast forward to this morning - very early - 2 am, when the storms rolled in. I'm a good sleeper, but the period from 2-6 was crazy... thunder upon thunder upon thunder. Fitfull sleep all around. When the alarm went off at six, I wasn't sure what to do. The plan was go to the park and relax the legs on the trails with the club. But things had changed:

1) I was on very little sleep.
2) The trails are difficult? How much worse would they be after 3 inches of rain?
3) I don't know the trails well enough to put together 14 good miles, which the plan called for.
4) There were still storms swarming all around.

In the end, I went to the park and waited for people to show... Did a 2 mile warm up while I waited some more. Eventually, two others did, but they weren't from my previous pace crowd, so this wasn't working out.

Left the park, went to another trail - a flatter, less technical one, where I managed to get in 7 more miles before the storms rolled in again. Total distance planned: 14. Total run: 9.

There were bright spots: I felt fresh enough to treat it - as planned - as a knock down. Starting at 8:20, I took a few seconds off each mile. The mental challenge of that was fun and since I was only down to 7:50ish by the end, it never got too hard. My HR for the run was also comfortably low, so even though my legs are still sore from last week, yesterday's rest day was very good for me.

But still, I'm bummed that I missed the miles - doubly so because I'm staring out the window at sunshine now (which wasn't forecasted at 6am). Obsessively, I've Googled enough to know that doing 5 miles now won't help my 9 from this morning. I've also read plenty that says a very long run every other week is sufficient, too -- but I'm very grateful I got a 14 miles in last week or I'd be really really annoyed and I've got 16 on the plan for next week.

An obvious change to my plan - and one that will be easier with the kids swimming season now over: I'm moving my long run to Saturday's, with a planned rest day Sunday. That gives me the opportunity to make things up if this happens again.

Also read that Nate's weekend run didn't go as planned, either, and he's right: Us older dudes have to approach things different. I could probably ease a little guilt by zipping outside for 5 miles, but I doubt it would do my legs any good at all.


  1. I was going to do the same thing...go out later and make up the mileage. I decided against it as I figured it wouldn't make that much difference. Good to read I was probably right.


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