I Heart Jimmy Rollins

I'm at the point in my life where I'm a little embarrassed to be a baseball fan. The game has changed so much and the players have changed so much and there are so many ways to spend our time today that watching a bunch of overpaid babies chase a little white ball around doesn't seem to be a good use of my time.

And yet, most nights I spend at least a little time keeping an ear or an eye on the Phillies. I feel guilty when I do this, though - as if I'm still holding a torch for a girl that stopped caring what I think a long time ago.

And then Jimmy Rollins goes and does this. Does something wrong and deals with it perfectly, immediately. Doesn't act like a spoiled rich guy or that he's entitled to play however he wants. In a day and age when we don't read stories like this, I found it outright startling. And for me - well, it'll make me feel a little less guilty about watching the ballgame tonight.


  1. I have never thought it was too much to ask a ball player to run hard to first the 3-4 times a game they get a chance to do so. Too bad it has to be big news.


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