Don't tell my legs, but I ran over lunch today.

This is my first week of running six days in a row... I had 4 decent workouts earlier this week, and 15 miles on tap for tomorrow. But today I had to sneak in a 3 miler (which I'll bump to 4 next week, and then 5, etc.)...

I went to the park, but rather than hit the hills and technical trails, I went to this area where there's a 1/3 mile loop in the woods with one tiny hill. I ran the loop 9 times, very slowly, very quietly, not once letting my legs know we were running. When I wake up at O-my-God-o'clock tomorrow, I really want my legs to think, "Gee, after our rest day, this won't be bad!"

Here's hoping my legs are as dumb as the rest of me. :)


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