Back to High School

Tomorrow is the the Solanco Alumni Cross Country Meet. I'm a Solanco Alum, so I'll be there.

I haven't run on the high school course in 20 years (!!!), and I know from my few visits to the school that the landscape has changed, so I've got no idea what to expect, terrain-wise.

Likewise, I've got no idea what to expect competition-wise, either. I'm not expecting to see many (any?) guys I know, as the 86-89 crowd seems to be either not local or running these days. Last year's alumni run seemed to include a lot of faster kids in their college days and a slower group of guys from the 70's who had some awesome times back in the day... The 80's, though, were largely unrepresented, which is a shame. To make up for it, I plan to play Guns-n-Roses Appetite for Destruction on my way to the meet.

All in all, I want to wrap up my June racing season with a strong performance and move into marathon season. But first - as the shirt says - I must "return to the farm."


  1. Gn F'n R1 Good times! I think we're in the same age range.


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