Red Rose Race Reminders....

Never has such a mediocre performance received such media attention.... Here are full results. I came in 11th out of 135 in my age group (they also have me two seconds slower, but the race wasn't chip timed, soooo...)

Here I am leading a mini-pack to the finish line. Please note that I am out-kicking both my neighbor (34) and the local weatherman (404).

And - here's an exclusive for Marcus Grimm fans - VIDEO COVERAGE! Buddy Dave's wife had her video camera at the event... The Youtube version is kind of grainy in a grassy knoll sort of way but you can feel the breeze as I put away the weatherman.


  1. This is very cool! :-)

    (I say this because I'm gullible and if you tell me it's you, I believe you...but you get a conspiracy theorist here and you may have some proving to do! haha)

    Seriously, though, that's awesome. So cool to get a shot of you running--not many people have that!

  2. nice kick! :) congrat's!

  3. Nice job! That course sounds pretty brutal.

  4. Hey Marcus, you're being too hard on yourself with the "mediocre" stuff. You showed solid improvement from last year and are faster than 99.9% of the world's population. Love the perfectionist trait, but don't get down on youself!


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