Marathon Plan Under Way, Kind of....

I've got 4 days behind me this week, 1 very short 3miler today and then 15 on tap for tomorrow morning with Dave. And that will mark my first six day running week in a very long time.

I'm still 19 weeks out from the marathon and the plan I'm going to follow is Bart Yasso's from his new book, which I highly recommend (the book - the plan I won't be able to recommend for at least 19 weeks), but that's a 16 week plan, so I have these three weeks where I'm simulating the plan, but not really.

My body's definitely able to handle the Yasso mileage, but what I need to do over the next three weeks is get used to six days in a row of running. In addition, I spent several months doing all aerobic work and I'm working on getting my body in the hard-easy rhythm of serious training.

Looking forward to the 15 w/ Dave, though.. We've promised each other to go no faster than 8:15-8:20/mi., which is a great way to make sure I won't get injured in these early weeks.

In other news, I'm going to the UK next month for a week... We have an office there, now, so I'll be going over to train some new employees. While it's a long time to be away from the family, it's about a million times easier to do it in the summer when uber-wife isn't teaching. Should be a cool chance to run on some very different roads, too. Training-wise, there aren't any long runs scheduled while I'll be there, either, so fitting in the typical workouts won't be a problem. And this time around, I already have my passport, which comes in handy in such situations.


  1. I just read that book by Bart Yasso and loved it. What an awesome, adventurous life he has lived.

  2. Which marathon did you pick? I am leaning towards Steamtown and then either Harrisburg or Philly as a fallback if I don't BQ at Steamtown but think I have a good shot.

  3. Hey Bill - good luck this weekend, by the way!

    I'm returning to Harrisburg. My plan was to do Steamtown, but by the time I decided that, most of the closest hotels were rented out. If I decide to do it next year, I'll definitely decide SOONER.

    Even though I can't say I love the H-burg course, I'm a huge fan of a race with only 600 people where I can park 50 yards from the finish. :)


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