Garmin-less and Plan-less...

Nearly a week without a Garmin - no surprise, but I'm lost without GPS. Ha, get it?

Here's where are with that:
Garmin will fix the out-of-warranty 305 for $99. The repair will come with a 90 day warranty. However, new 205's/305's can be had for $150-ish, so that doesn't make sense.

However, the diff. between a 205 and a 405 is $150, so the question isn't really should I spend $300 for a 405 - more like, "Should I spend $150 more for a 405 over a 305?"

To which I answer, "Yes." The wife's contributing for Daddy's day and I'll kick in the rest and there we go. Plan is to go to Flying Feet for the tent sale tomorrow night. (Yes - there's about $50 of wiggle in these numbers.. not sure if I'll get the HR monitor or not. Frankly, I don't need it, but I'm hearing that many retailers are only carrying that one.)

After I finish my 2 races in the next two weeks, I'm 19-ish weeks from my marathon. However, I'm having trouble settling on a plan. Currently, I'm running 5 days per week - 4 x 6 miles over my lunch hour and 1 x 12-15 on the weekend, depending on the week.

Most plans start off with a much shorter long run than my current 12-15. It seems a bit silly to sacrifice my current endurance levels in the name of a plan.

Many plans have a medium-long run in the middle of the week. That doesn't fit very well for my life. I can boost up to 7 - maybe even 8 - but 9-10 is pushing it over the lunch hour.

So - I'm still massaging and seeing what makes sense. I'm considering using Fitzgerald's Brain Training and just not lowering the long run mileage like he has it in the early weeks. However, Fitz has a 4 day plan and a 6 day plan and I'm currently at 5. While my body could currently handle a 6th day, I'm not sure that's true when the tempo's and speedwork get going... Decisions, decisions. Fortunately, two weeks to make them.

In the meantime, there's a a trail race this Sunday and three more days of training on the same trails.


  1. I hate spending money on repairs when a new one can be had for just a little more. Good decision! Enjoy.

  2. Marcus, I've been using the 405 for a little over a month. It takes a little getting used to, but it's worth the money. It's ALOT easier to use than the 305, not that the 305 was tough. I've been using the interval features a lot, and find them VERY useful. I'm a BIG fan of the 405!


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