Garmin 405 Review Plus Bonus Reptile Sighting...

Took the 405 for a spin over lunch over at the county park where I'm racing this weekend.

As you know, the 405 doesn't really do anything that the 305 doesn't. The difference is all in how it does it...

Though some bloggers real that Garmin has over-stated the smallness of the watch, I don't think anyone has pointed out the lightness of the 405. On my wrist, it feels lighter than my Timex - unlike the 305, which feels every bit as big as it is.

The 405 might be a bit more accurate... Though I won't explain my long-winded reasons here, I'd always suspected the 305 was off about a tenth on a 6 mile loop I do very often at the park. Sure enough, the 405 said the course was a tenth longer. Hardly conclusive, but still...

Some people have written about the sensitivity of the bezel and I think this is a fair concern, though there are ways around it. During the trail run today, I came across a downed tree and wanted to turn off the timer while I navigated around it. Instead, my bezel touches resulted in a launching of the virtual partner option. Now, if you had paid me $1,000 to show you HOW to turn on the virtual partner, I couldn't have, but within a few clicks I was off the screen I wanted to be on and duking it out with my faster self.

However, I realized I didn't need to stop the Garmin when I came upon down trees. Instead, I just changed it so it would automatically stop when I stopped running.

The point in all of this? The bezel's kind of a pain, but if you use the advanced features the Garmin has: auto-lap, auto-stop, etc.... you shouldn't need to play with it as much on the run.

One other note: mid-way through the run I came across my second snake of the week.... This time, I was terrified as I thought it might be a copperhead. I've since come to believe that I was wrong - and that I actually encountered a northern water snake... (nonvenomous), but I'm not planning on going back on checking anytime soon. :)


  1. Thanks for the review homie! I watched the little vid they had for it (on the Garmin site) awhile back, and I think I'd be annoyed by the bezel too ;-/


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