That's 1 Small Twitt for a Man - One Giant Tweet For Mankind...

So I've been playing with Twitter for a few weeks now. Only the thing is, I don't like playing with web stuff. I like using it. So I was looking for a way to use Twitter for something useful and I may have found it: SugarStats.

SugarStats is an online way to keep track of your blood sugars, carbs and what-not. Truth be told, I don't log any of my stuff anywhere. I use a OneTouch UltraSmart, which has a big memory and all kinds of graphs. I go to my Doc, toss her the meter and let her click away. I tend to keep a fairly close watch on things, so it's rare that I miss trends in my control.

But SugarStats lets you upload data via Twitter, and that's kind of cool. So I'm thinking that if I take something kind of useful (Twitter) and let it upload data to something that's sort of useful (SugarStats), I'll find the results to be useful. Well, sort of. Here's my SugarStats page, which I plan to update only via Twitter.


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