Caught in the Google Net

So I was Googling myself today (oh, you know you've done it) and discovered that Google has now indexed the first book I contributed to many many years ago. Read all about my experiences in the wild world of radio here.


  1. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Hi Marcus,

    First of all, I got your blog from Ron's blog and after reading some of your blog, I was compelled to respond.

    As a former Nurse, I have such compassion for people and their stories. I just want to say, you're a remarkable person for doing the things you do and not letting a disease get in your way. I'm sure you have days where you feel like how you can do it, but you're an inspiration to a lot I'm sure.

    Although, I haven't read everything on your blog, I'm sure your story gives abundance of hope for others out there or at least give people an insight of someone else's life and to appreciate it and I thank you....

    Best of Luck to You.....

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! Nurses are cool! (Even former nurses.)

    Re: days when you don't feel like it. I figure it beats not feeling at all.


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