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Yesterday, I turned 37 - a nothing birthday. No new age group, no new privileges. Nada. The good news is that it combines my two favorite numbers. My best presents? A copy of Advanced Marathoning and a ten pack of Cliff Recovery Cocoa. That stuff rocks!

Over lunch, I stopped by the Home Depot for some salt for the water softener. As is often the case at Home Depot, the line wasn't moving. I turned around to complain to the guy behind me and instantly recognized the old fella in his Tigers cap.

"Hey, you're Don Wert!" I said.

"Yes I am," he said. And I enjoyed a nice conversation with the former all-star third baseman of the Detroit Tigers. Hey, in Lancaster, PA, that's what passes for celebrity, and when the guy's as pleasant as Don, I'm cool with that.

On my birthday, I also bought two URL's. Not sure what I'll do with them, but for now, both and will bring you here. These were actually consolation prizes as I had been planning on buying for some time and some fella beat me to it two weeks ago.

In addition, yesterday was Fasnacht Day, a holiday honoring donuts with lots of fat. For a diabetic, this is kind of a lethal smart bomb - a pastry with a lot of sugar that does its most damage hours later. Hence, my waking up with a blood sugar of 264, which is pretty dang high for me.

A final diabetic note: until a few months ago, I was using infusion sets of 9mm (this is how far the little tube sticks into your skin). When I went on the pump six years ago, I was given the 9's, but told there was a 6 that many slim people preferred. Since then, I've lost 37 lbs. (20 lbs immediately after going on the pump and 17 lbs. since coming back to running in '06). With the trimmer belly, the 9's were kind of making me sore, so I switched to 6's this time around. While they hurt a lot less, I've also had 2 no-delivery failures - meaning for some reason the insulin isn't coming out the end of the tube, which is pretty annoying. So it might be back to the 9's for me. I'm not used to my pump giving me stupid errors, so my tolerance for this will be rather short. :)


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Thanks for the tip on the Cliff Recovery Cocoa. I hadn't heard of it before, and being a major chocolate fan, it sounds like something I'll really like!

  2. happy belated birthday!

  3. K-
    The Cocoa is AWESOME! Works great and tastes better than regular cocoa, too!

    Zanne -
    Thanks!! Just a few days 'til your big day! Woohoo!


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