Back to Basics

Today was a 4.5 miler at a very easy 8:15 pace. Zero shin pain.

In retrospect, I was an idiot in January. Too many days running. Too fast. Too soon to dive into a speed and tempo workout after too little base training. It was a train wreck waiting to happen.

But all is not lost - not by a long shot. This January had many more miles than last January and I'm predicting a better February this year than last as well.

Lots of easy aerobic work over the next eight weeks should set me up for a healthy summer of racing, which I'm thrilled about.

Incidentally, on today's run I listened to Phedippidations - episode Fdip126, which is all about base training. It's a little bit scary how little I understood about base training and running slow until today. I mean, I read a lot of running crap, but there was a ton of good explanation in this podcast that hadn't sunk in until today. Needless to say, I'm more than cool going slow for a while. If you're in base training mode (though the most clever of you are already at the end of this phase of training) give it a listen. It's a winner.


  1. Glad to hear your shins are doing better.

    I really enjoyed that episode of Fdip as well. I thought John Ellis' explanation of the capillary building response to excess oxygen being available but not used was excellent.

    I'm not always a fan of Steve Runner's rambling thoughts, but I think he (or in this episode, his friend) usually does a good job of researching the central theme for each episode.

  2. thanks for the link, hadn't come across that site yet.

    I just ended my base training using exactly the method talked about in that podcast. I was lucky enough to understand the concept from reading Galloway last summer. But unfortunately didn't really apply it until this past base phase -13 weeks. If I had stayed consistent through the summer I would be lightyears from my current capacity.

  3. great news about your shins. You were smart to cut back and not push it. Happy training.

    Base training is really hard for me. I have to take off my foot pod so I don't know how fast (er, slow) I'm going. Then I can just go by my heart rate.


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