I'd Forgotten What Running Fresh Feels Like...

Two weeks ago, I ran a 5 mile loop around my house... it was like my 6th run in 7th days. My legs were tired, my shin was sore and I limped through it in 8:13 miles. I felt like garbage.

Today, I ran the same loop over lunch. This was my third run in the past six days (though I've also been on the bike). I did it in 8:05 miles without breaking a sweat. I felt like Superman.

While I love the idea of running more - more miles, more days, etc., the reality is that my body sure does like cross training more.

Probably the only thing a little scary was that I almost forgot to do my special shin stretches... it's easy to forget when you're feeling so good.

For this week, same deal: run on Wed., Fri and Sun. Bike on Tues and Thurs.


  1. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I guess it all goes back to George Sheehan - we're all an experiment of 1. Sounds like you've found the winning formula for you. Glad you're feeling better!


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