A Post that Isn't About Running or Diabetes

I'm a member of a beer club at work. Every month, we trade beer. It's more elaborate than that, but you get the idea.

Anyhow, it's always fun to try new beers and most of them are good. Some of them are strange. Only once in a blue moon are they awesome. Lagunita Brown Shugga' is awesome. Holy moly, if all beer were like that, I'd be a drunk. Get yourself some.


  1. What's the carb count for a 12 oz. bottle?
    I wouldn't think of buying a beer with a name like that. If it was given to me, then of course I'd have to drink it. :-)

  2. Good question, Jerry. I don't know the answer and haven't been able to track it down online.

    However, when I try an unknown beer, I go with the assumption of 12-15g and test before and after. My results seem to indicate that - curiously - this estimate was good.

    The "sleeper" beer I avoid like the plague is Sam Adams... they taste like 12-15g beers but I've found several of their beers to be twice that.

  3. Hey good luck Sunday! I'm anxious to hear how it goes...

  4. Marcu - Brown Shugga sounds like my kind of beer! Will have to try and track some down.

    Have you ever had a Samiclaus? It's a classic!

    It's so good I'm waiting for my next marathon PR before I treat myself to one.



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