Hot Enough for You?

It's nearly 11pm and I'm still sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport... at this rate, I'll get home around 4am. Ugh.

But it was a good week... The World Media Run was very successful, considering it was the first race organized by our company, the show management company and the Doral Resort. But it was a winner, with 30 or so participants at the flagship race in Miami - all of whom had a blast. Virtual runner results will be coming in throughout the weekend.

Running-wise, I only ran a 20:30, good for 2nd place in Miami. Us cool PA boys definitely weren't ready for the heat. Plus, I did 5.5 miles the day before the run. I also did 5 miles today. All in all, a short-ish week of running, but all things considered, I'll take it. That is, I'll take it somewhere if the plane ever takes off. :)


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