Various and Sundry....

The kids had a sleep-over last night - no need for emphasis on the "sleep," but praise God, because it's finally "over."

Actually, they were all good, though they were good at different times... The boys went to sleep early (very good) and the girls didn't (not so good). Then the boys woke up quite early (not so good) and the girl didn't (good).

Which meant - through much of this - there wasn't much rest to be had.

Fortunately, I did six miles over lunch in the slush yesterday and since I helped co-chaperone last night's escapade, I got enough weekend cleaning done that I might go for a run/ride tonight, assuming I don't fall asleep, which is truly possible.

Sent in my registration for the Ugly Mudder and am hoping the bad weather is gone next week. I don't mind running in crappy weather and I don't really mind driving in crappy weather. However, driving in crappy weather to run in crappy weather seems a bit tedious.

In other news, we booked both of our vacations this week - Aug. at the beach, and May at Disney. Wahoo! I can almost smell summer now.


And tomorrow is the kids' last swim meet, which is always a bit bittersweet... But frankly, it's a bit more sweet than bitter. They had an awesome season but I'm ready to get our weekends back.


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