Take it to 'em, Floyd....

I haven't blogged much about Floyd Landis, lately. Floyd and I share the same hometown and I was one of the people who went nuts after Floyd's amazing ride last year, and was totally bummed days later when Tour officials said he failed a drug test. Not bummed because I thought for a minute Floyd was guilty - a. he's not the type and b. if he were, that drug wouldn't have helped him and c. if he were the type to take a drug that wouldn't have helped him it wouldn't have been in his system just that one day - but bummed because, given his age and the political climate, he'll probably never get back what he deserves: the glory, respect and riches that a Tour winner deserves.

At any rate, for a great update on just how political the Tour scene is, check out Martin Dugard's latest post on the subject:

I'm not saying I can prove he was set up, but it certainly is beginning to look as if a concerted effort was made to sabotage the 2006 Tour de France by higher-ups within the UCI. They seek to elevate themselves, paying absolutely no heed to the damage they do to cycling, and all sports.


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