Old Man Winter, Bring it On....

The past two days, I've been in the basement on the trainer. Last weekend, I was in the basement on the trainer. My last run was last Friday. I can't take it anymore -- I'm going out over lunch.

The weather's been 75% to blame. 10% of it has been the fact that my plan calls for me to ride more this month and the other 15% of it was that I had an ugly cold that made the 5 degree weather seem that much worse.

But in twenty minutes, me, my tights, my pants, my shirt, my sweatshirt vest and assorted accessories are hitting the roads, for better or for worse.

Interesting - I ride my bike on my trainer in the basement, which is different than a spinning class. But I never realized how it was different until I read this article. A sampling:

So in conclusion, there is a high degree of muscular and physiological specificity between the two modes of cycling. The best of both worlds would be to teach your legs to achieve a high cadence without the use of the flywheel.


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