The Journey's the Thing...

Next on the agenda is the Ugly Mudder Trail Run, one of the largest trail runs on the east coast. I'm in good shape for it and it sounds like a lot of fun. So why don't I feel 100% into it? Actually, it's a stupid reason.

The course is unbelievably difficult - course record is about a 7:00 pace - so I know my result won't easily compute into my log. I won't be able to use it to update my VDOT progress, either. In short, aside from my age-group finish, it won't serve the purpose that most of my races do: to tell me how the heck I'm doing relative to my other races.

But still, barring a snowstorm (it's 90 minutes away), I'm in. Streams, mud, branches and beer. If that ain't fun, I'm doing this stuff for the wrong reasons.


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