Let the Mud Come...

48 hours from a muddy hell or a slippery heaven - what we see is always dependent on where we stand.

Yesterday, I planned on a nice and easy lunchtime 10k, figuring that Sunday will be the day this week that I pound it.

Problem was, it was pouring rain and - moreover - my legs felt good. I didn't really feel like taking my time in that crap. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that because Sunday is a trail run, and a brutal one at that, my time's going to be lousy, no matter what. Heck, the course record is over seven minutes per mile, so why bother saving my legs? So, instead of a leisurely 8:40 per mile like I planned, I did the course in a soaking wet 7:58 per mile. Good news is, I don't feel totally trashed and after an easy bike ride tonight and a rest day tomorrow, I think I should be ok in the mud.

Diabetes-wise, I picked up a new toy yesterday - a very small blood sugar meter that uses the same strips as my primary meter. This little guy will be perfect for taking on long runs with me.

So that's that - weather for Sunday includes possible ice and it is a longish drive, so that's the only thing that could get in my way. But it's going to have to be mighty icy to keep me away - I want my damn shirt. :)


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